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The Society for Rehabilitation of Cognitive and Communicative Disorders is an autonomous body registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955. The Society has started its institutions, the Institute for Communicative and Cognitive Neurosciences (ICCONS) at Trivandrum and Kavalappara on the 2nd of October 1998 and 16th November 2000 respectively. The Society is starting a Bachelors Degee course in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at ICCONS, Shoranur in the academic year 2001. The course would be self financing with affiliation from University of Calicut.

ICCONS is the first institute of its kind in the Asian countries for comprehensive multidisciplinary management, research and rehabilitation of the challenging areas of cognitive and communicative disorders affecting all age groups. The Institute is recognized for the bold steps it has taken into the challenging realms of these disorders and for its development both at the academic and service level - in the field of child language disorders, autism, learning disability, stroke related aphasia, dementia and cognitive dysfunction and in other neuro degenerative disorders.

The Speech-Language Pathology courses started in this Institute will emphasize its major role in the comprehensive research and management of the above disorders and also in unraveling the many mysteries in the patho physiology of these disorders. The course will have its major emphasis in the neuropsychological, neurophysiological and neurolinguistic aspects of these disorders and is aimed at stimulating the younger generation to start research in their genetic, behavioural and speech language aspects so that the prevention and remedial measures become within our reach.

The main objectives of the Society and the Institute under it are:

  1. Clinical Services - To provide a multidisciplinary approach for the diagnosis, investigation and management of various cognitive and communicative disorders affecting children and adults like learning disability, developmental language disorders, mental retardation, hard of hearing, aphasia due to stroke and dementia and provide educational counseling, family support, genetic counseling, drug treatment.

  2. Research - Organising and promoting high level research activities on various aspects of cognitive and communicative disorders like multidisciplinary clinical case studies, epidemiological studies, neuroanatamical, neuroimaging and neuroradiological studies, early detection and intervention, genetic studies, drug development, latest developments in neurolinguistics and artificial intelligence and identification of preventive measures.

  3. Expertise Development - Training Speech Pathologists, Clinical Psychologists, Special Educators, Doctors, Social Workers, Neurolinguists, Clinical Neuropsychologists and other related personnel dealing with such disorders.

  4. Technological Development - To develop technologically advanced evaluation techniques, development of aids and assistive tools, computer programmes and softwares in the assessment and remedial packages of these disorders and educational packages.

  5. Vocational training and Educational opportunities - To provide alternative education for those affected with cognitive and communicative disorders and also give job oriented (vocational) training, open school systems, streamlining to general education programmes (integrated education), job support and management training.

Currently the Institute has the following departments of Neurology, Paediatrics, ENT, Psychiatry, Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Linguistics and Special Education functioning in full swing. The Institute also receives visiting faculties from institutes of national importance within India and eminent personnel working in related fields from abroad. In addition to the work of the routine departments, the Institute organises periodic Seminars, Workshops, Guest Lectures of selected topics, Annual National Conferences and International Conference every alternate year.

Location of the Institute

The Institute campus is located at Kavalappara (near V.K.Amma Memorial Hospital) about 5 kms from the Shoranur Railway Junction. It is accessible via taxi, auto and buses. The auto fare is approximately Rs.40/-.

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